Tips and Tricks of the Safe Online Forex Trading Business

Trading is one of the business activities that can enable anyone to join as a way to invest. One of the goals of people doing forex business is to get huge profits and freedom of time.

Getting a large profit certainly depends on the analysis and predictions of forex and the right strategies you have to do. Therefore, you must be careful in forex business. If you want to benefit, of course you have to prepare the right forex rebate strategies so that you can easily succeed.

The following are some tricks you can do in forex trading.

  • Choosing a Broker appropriate

In forex trading you usually have to register with the broker as a place for your forex business transactions. There are many brokers or brokers that you can find online. Choosing a broker will certainly determine your destiny in the world of forex trading. Therefore, make sure you choose a regulated forex broker , as well as those that have rules and policies that are right and in accordance with your wishes. You also need to understand the rules imposed by the broker so that misunderstanding does not occur during the transaction.

  • Choose Account

There are many types of accounts to choose from. Each account offers a different margin or ratio. In this case of course the strategy you have to do is to choose the one that suits your conditions, how you will play with the account and most importantly, the amount of capital that you will invest. Usually traders will choose a standard account because large profits will be faster and easier to achieve. However, the risks that can be obtained are also very large. Therefore, for beginners, it would be better if you can choose an account that has a smaller margin or leverage. This is to make it easier for you to learn forex trading properly and correctly first.

  • Choose one currency

Forex trading is currency trading that can get big profits and also big risks. Well, in this business, you are encouraged to choose just one currency. This is very important because you need to know the character of the currency properly and correctly. This certainly makes you easy to adapt to the movement of the currency. Therefore it is recommended to choose one currency pair so that it is easy to master.

  • Technical and fundamental analysis

It needs to be recognized that trading on the forex market is not easy. do not be careless when trading, make sure you always analyze the forex market technically and fundamentally. For those of you who don’t quite understand how to analyze forex technically you can take advantage of the free daily forex analysis and news service from

Those are some tips in doing a good and safe forex trading business so you can get profits without having to have a lot of risks.

These 5 Dangerous Chemicals in Sunscreen Products

If this happens, then there are some skin problems that can occur. One skin protection that is recommended for use is to use a sunscreen. Sunscreen is well known in protecting the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight.

However, behind the benefits, it turns out that sunscreen has a bad risk that will have an impact on skin health if it contains harmful chemicals.

Yes, the chemicals available in this sunscreen product actually function as a sunscreen which will absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun. Unfortunately, the contents of these sunscreen chemicals can disrupt the endocrine system, and are easily absorbed by the body.

These chemicals are thought to cause cell damage and increase the risk of cancer. What are the harmful substances or chemicals contained in the sunscreen product?


PABA stands for Benzonic Acid Amino Acid whose content is often used as a cosmetic or sunsecreen. The content of PABA on excessive sunscreen products will make the skin more absorbent in ultraviolet light, which can lead to darkening of the skin.


Another chemical that is usually present in sunscreen products is homosalate. This substance is well known to facilitate the process of absorption of sunscreem into the skin. But it is unfortunate, because when this substance has been absorbed just once into the skin, the homosalate substances in the body will accumulate faster.

This can cause substances to turn into poisons that harm the body and damage hormones.

choosing the right shampoo


Oxyvenzone is a chemical that can absorb UVB. In addition, this chemical is also one of the most active ingredients found in chemical sunscreens. Now, when exposed to sunlight, these chemicals will recognize chemical reactions.

If absorbed by the skin, this material will cause skin allergies that can spread and will continue even though it is no longer exposed to sunlight. In addition, chemicals commonly found in sunscreen products can also produce free radicals that can be harmful to skin health.


The use of the chemical octinoxate in sunscreen products is very often found on the market. This material is often used in sunscreen mixtures because it is able to absorb UVB rays.

Although allergic reactions from octinoxate are very rare, using this material can cause endocrine disruptors which can lead to pregnancy problems or even cause cancer.

Because it causes harmful effects on body health, the use of these chemicals is not recommended for children and women who are pregnant.

Retinyl Palmitate

The chemical Retinyl Palmitate is an antioxidant that is also included in vitamin A. This is the same as the content of vitamin A in food. Whereas in sunscreen products, this content is used to increase protection against UV rays which can cause premature aging.

However, care should be taken in the form of vitamin A such as retinol contained in this SPF product. Why? Because if this content is exposed to sunlight, it causes the risk of retinol compounds to burst and produce free radicals that can poison cells, damage DNA, and cause cancer.

Want to Vacation Abroad?

There are many risks that must be faced by tourists when visiting foreign countries. One of them is an increasingly rampant crime.

During traveling , a portion of your time will be taken up on the streets known to be prone to crime. Not a few tourists who have become victims. Of course you do not want to face the same thing, right? best vacation destinations

Therefore, before going to a foreign country, you should know the modes of fraud that often occur and afflict travelers . What are those? Check out the following reviews, as quoted from .

1. Evil Mode with Pretending to Offer Help

Honestly, tourists are blind in direction, especially in the country he just visited. Therefore, tourists often get lost in the middle of the road.

Hopefully there are people who help sincerely. If they hope for a reward, or what bad intentions? Before accepting help from others, try to see what the person who helped you is like. Pay attention to the way he speaks, the body language shown, and the way you look at your face.

If there are suspicious movements, immediately interrupt the conversation, say sorry, and go to a safe place.

2. Crime Mode that Offers Money Exchange

[Star] Illustration of money changers
Illustration of money exchange. (

The longer the vacation, the more money must be carried as inventory. When supplies run out, you must exchange money at the nearest money changer to be able to keep doing transactions in the country concerned.

But, you need to be careful when exchanging money. Because, fake money changers are scattered everywhere. If you don’t want to be fooled, it’s better to bring only money that has been exchanged from Indonesia.

To ensure sufficiency, calculate how long you will be on vacation. Then predict your expenses while there.

3. Mode of Crime Pickpocketing by Disguising

Where there are tourists, there are pickpockets. Especially for popular tourist attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Tower Bridge in London, you need to increase the portion of caution.

Because, popular places are usually the target of pickpockets, because this place is usually crowded with tourists. Pickpockets are usually disguised as someone who looks innocent, so the identity of pickpockets is unknown. For example children, parents, or street music players.

If there are people who suddenly break through you from behind, you should secure the bag that you carry. Your bag could be the target of these pickpockets.

4. Crime Mode of Taxi Drivers Who Don’t Want to Use Argo


Although taxi fares are so expensive, this transportation is still in demand by tourists, especially wealthy tourists. If you are one of them, you should be more careful when taking a taxi.

Choose a taxi driver who has a good driving performance. The performance of taxi drivers can be seen from the taxi booking application. The application will show how many passengers were successfully delivered by the driver.

If the amount is minimal, you should cancel your order and find another taxi driver. Not to mean judgment, but this is for your safety as well as during the holidays.

Also, pay attention to taxi drivers who ask that you drive using their taxi without the meter. Of course, using a taxi without a meter can cause injustice for consumers, because it does not rule out the possibility you have to pay more than you should because it is not transparent.

5. Crime Mode Pretending to Be a Police

The police are not friends or help angels when you get lost or have trouble. Not a few police disguised for the sake of making a profit for himself.

They pretended to disguise themselves with police attributes, with a view to securing the road. In fact, this patrol is intended to find prey.

If you don’t want to be a victim of fake police fraud, it’s better to have a brave and resolute face. Do not put a gape face like someone who does not know anything.

Your innocent face will actually increase expenses because you will be told to pay fines, even though you did not make any mistakes.

6. Mode to Raise Roadside Street Food Prices

Jajanan Street Food
Ilustrasi / copyright Marthy

Food prices for tourists are more expensive than local residents? Do not be surprised, it is very ordinary.

Many sellers intentionally raise food prices to increase profits. It’s good to hide your status as a tourist.

You do this by acting like a local or acting like a local citizen in the country. Of course this can be done if your traveling destination is around Asia.

Before buying snacks, you should first look for the average price of snacks in the country you visit. If the price suddenly rises, you can complain to the seller, so the seller assumes that you are a local citizen.

Prices that had gone up will return to normal as they should. Or you can buy food that has a price tag. So there is certainty what price you have to pay after eating it.

7. Mode Pretending to be a Beggar

People who pretend to be beggars for money are everywhere, including abroad. They are willing to disguise themselves to be the most homeless person so you feel sorry for them.

The money you give is not used to buy food, it could be only for alcohol and narcotics.

If you want to give something to beggars, you should not take the form of money. Better to give bread and mineral water alone to fill their empty stomachs.

Want to Stay Relevant, Facebook Prepare a Special News Tab

Facebook is approaching major publishers in hopes of obtaining a license to publish news and other content. Facebook is reportedly offering up to USD3 million per year for licensing rights for a number of news outlets. 

A number of publishers who are in the middle of holding discussions with Facebook, reported to the Wall Street Journal , including Disney’s ABC News, WSJ’s parent company, Dow Jones, and The Washington Post. 

According to reports, Facebook plans to present articles from publishers as part of a special news column it will launch this fall. The publisher can sign agreements for at least three years in some cases. 

Thus, publishers will be able to control the way articles appear on Facebook and the reader’s ability to read articles, such as only headlines and some text, before being redirected to the publisher’s site. 

Facebook’s requirements contradict Apple’s approach to Apple News Plus, Apple’s new subscription service focused on magazines. This service is rumored to offer dubious revenue sharing and poor payment metrics. 

This news caused a number of media industry players to give warnings to other media players not to join the news business owned by the technology giant headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States.

The results of the success of this Facebook discussion can be a revival of efforts to use Facebook traffic as a reference for news publishers and media companies, before its popularity begins to decline. 

Regarding the WSJ report , Facebook confirmed to CNBC that the company will launch a new special news tab this fall. This effort will be one of the evolution of Facebook’s approach to news. 

Recently Facebook promoted local content and ignored plans to move publishers to separate feeds in the mobile application usa number of his work. Whereas previous efforts included an agreement with publishers to make videos on the Facebook Live platform.

Facebook has also entered into agreements with media and entertainment companies to license content and create original content for the Watch platform. Facebook also created the Instant Article platform even though it was later stopped. 

Best Korean Drama Recommendations July 2019, ‘Doctor John’

A number  of Korean dramas that just aired in July 2019 received high ratings in the last week of last month. Nielsen Korea released several popular dramas during July 2019 with action, fantasy and political genres. 

Here are five best-selling Korean drama recommendations for the July 2019 edition of .

Doctor John The

drama, which aired since July 19, got a rating of 9.7 percent in the last week of July 2019. Ji Sung again showed his charisma as a genius doctor in Doctor John . 

He served as the youngest professor of anesthesiology and pain management in a hospital. Intelligence makes it arrogant. 

Ji Sung has a junior doctor who is played by Lee Se-young. Both of these characters have opposite personalities. Lee Se-young is very friendly and willing to listen to patients.

Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna received a 7.8 percent rating and became the first most popular drama in the last week of July 2019 specifically for cable networks. 

This comedy horror fantasy genre drama tells the story of Jang Man-wol, a CEO of Hotel del Luna. This hotel, located in the center of Seoul, is the location of a ghost’s resting place. 

Jang Man-wol takes care of the hotel with the help of Koo Chan-sung, a perfectionist. The interaction between the two is very interesting to follow because Jang Man-wol is very cold but Koo Chan-sung is kind. 

The drama, played by IU and Yeo Jin-goo, airs every Saturday and Sunday.

The Korean drama ‘Hotel del Luna’ received a 7.8 percent rating from Nielsen Korea in July 2019. (doc. TvN)


WATCHER is the latest drama played by Seo Kang-joon and received a 4.4 percent rating at the end of June. 

This drama tells the story of Kim Young-koon (Seo Kang-joon), a police officer who is cold towards others but actually has a kind heart. He accidentally meets with Do Chi-gwang (Han Suk-kyu) who turns out to be involved in an issue that Kim Young-koon really wants to forget. 

Do Chi-gwang is an elite, watch snowfall last season wise and intelligent detective. He has a golden record for the ability to catch criminals. 

In his career, Do Chi-gwang also met Han Tae-joo (Kim Hyun-joo), a popular lawyer who had been a prosecutor. He finally joined Do Chi-gwang to solve a crime case.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Series that adapted from the United States series received a 4.1 percent rating. InDesignated Survivor: 60 Days , Ji Jin-hee served as a former Chemistry professor and served as Minister of the Environment. 

Without ambition to take over leadership, an explosion made him the only government official left and served as interim president. 

For 60 days, Ji Jin-hee must find out the person or group responsible for the explosion. 

Designated Survivor: 60 Days can be watched every Monday and Tuesday.

Mr. Temporary (Class of Lies)

Mr. Temporary is Yoon Gyun-sang’s newest drama after becoming an extra-clean boss in the drama Clean with Passion For Now. 

In the drama, which received a 2.5 percent rating at the end of last month, Yoon Gyun-sang was present as a successful, high-paid lawyer. During this time he was told always only thinking about money. 

However, his reputation was damaged by the school murder case. He then disguised himself as an honorary teacher at the school in order to dismantle and finish the case.