The color of the gold ring is not always identical to the striking yellow, but it turns out that there are many gold colors that need to be known.

Now the color of the gold ring available on the market is not only yellow like in our parents’ days. Due to the progress of the times and market demand, other colors such as white gold and pink gold — or more commonly called rose gold — also began to penetrate the market, even in small cities in Indonesia.

The buyer is sure to be happy, of course, because the choice of a ring that will be used in his hands is increasing. However, on the one hand, so many choices make it even more confused to determine. Because, in addition to having to choose a model, the stone for the ring’s eye, and rust, the buyer must also determine the color of the ring itself.

Choosing a mixture of all three colors can also be another alternative for those who are confused. However, if you want a one-color ring, you should first look at the characteristics of each gold color before you can determine which one is suitable for the wearer. Cheap Jewelry Gifts

Choosing the Color of the Gold Ring

  • White gold

White gold itself never has high rust, aka it can be classified as young gold, because the white color itself is obtained from a mixture of yellow gold and other metals that are white, such as silver , palladium , or nickel. Of course this mixture does not make the color to be one hundred percent shiny white, because the percentage of gold is greater.

However, usually the jewelry makers will decorate again with a layer of rhodium so that the color is really white as desired. White gold is known to be more scratch resistant than yellow gold and the gold color of this one is the best-selling among the three gold colors, especially in the present. Its popularity continues to rise because of its neutral color and suitable for people with pale or pinkish skin tones.

In addition, white gold is the most hypoallergenic gold, because the rhodium layer used to accentuate white is a metal that tends not to cause allergic reactions. However, because demand has risen, some shops have priced white gold more than the other two types of gold. Although the price is the most expensive, it does not mean that white gold is not affordable, huh.

Especially if you want to buy diamond jewelry stores like V & CO Jewelery , the price is the same as other gold colors. Then, considering that white gold itself is more scratch resistant and does not need maintenance than yellow gold and white gold is also the most suitable when juxtaposed with colorful gemstones, such as jade, sapphire, pomegranate, and others.

Especially for men, having a white gold ring also means you don’t need to go often to reset the ring. Simply update the rhodium layer when you feel the color of the ring has begun to dull and you can use it again for years afterwards.

  • Yellow Gold

Yellow gold or yellow gold is the oldest gold color among the three gold colors. Yellow gold has a classic impression and is perfect for those who like to dress in a vintage style that is now being loved again. Yellow gold has existed from ancient times, even since the time of Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Bar of Teardrop 18K Gold Necklace

The art for making jewelry from yellow gold is even less than the age of civilization itself, so the jewelry variants that can be obtained from yellow gold are very diverse. Indeed, the types of jewelry of white gold and pink gold are starting to multiply along with increasingly advanced technology and diverse customer desires.

However, there are many intricate patterns of yellow gold that are still available in this golden color. The easiest example is gold thread, where only yellow is available. Likewise with the ring, if you want a complex pattern, the yellow gold ring is the best color choice. Putting aside the weaknesses of yellow gold, which needs extra care, is not scratch resistant, and is not suitable for stone eyes (especially for those with high rust content); Yellow gold ring is the color that is most suitable for you who has a dark skin tone or has a brownish hue.

  • Rose Gold

Rose gold can be said as a new color. In the past, rose gold was also nicknamed “Russian Gold” because of its color which in the nineteenth century was reminiscent of the colors used in Russian ballet. Now, due to globalization, this color is increasingly accessible to people all over the world including Indonesia.

The rose gold color trend itself can be said to have happened recently. However, rose gold is a color that in some places is more than the other two colors, because the reddish luster of rose gold indicates gold that has a low rust content. In order to get gold like rose gold , a mixture of young gold and copper is needed. Due to the nature of both metals, rose gold has a tendency to more easily cause allergies than the other two colors. In addition to the shortcomings, you should not underestimate rose gold colored rings.

This color ring is more resilient and scratch resistant, it turns out, compared to yellow gold and white gold . The color which tends to be red is also often identified with love and affection. Then, rose gold color also has easier treatment than white and yellow gold, so it can reduce maintenance costs. Need another advantage? Apparently, rose gold is also not a color that can only be used for women.

Because, over time men who are interested in rose gold colors are also getting more and more. The strong color of rose gold will be very well matched with gemstones, especially diamonds and sapphires. And the most important thing about rose gold is that it is suitable for all skin types. If you don’t believe it, just prove it yourself by trying to wear a rose gold ring at a jewelry store.

These three gold colors are indeed not the most important benchmark in choosing beautiful ring colors. There are people who are confused to determine the right color, so they decide to use a bi-or tri-color ring. The color alloy, it turns out, has also begun to be available in jewelry stores.

So you don’t need to be confused. Because, after all, the most important thing about choosing jewelry is your compatibility, needs, and desires for the rings you wear. Choose a favorite color, if indeed the color speaks and reflects something unique in the owner.