Gold is a precious metal that can be used as investment capital, both in the form of gold and gold bars. Gold jewelry is also Cheap Jewelry Gifts very loved by Eve as an accessory to beautify themselves. Well, it would be annoying if the gold you buy is gold that is of low quality or even fake. Therefore, in this article we will explain some tips on buying gold jewelry, including:

Classic Three Stone White Gold Ring

1. Know the Price of Gold Today

The price of gold always fluctuates every day. Buy gold when the price is down. You can check the price of gold at, or The price of gold jewelry consists of the price of gold per gram plus the cost of making it. These manufacturing costs are usually negotiable.

2. Choose a store that has a good reputation

The price of gold from PT. Antam, through the website, is indeed used as a benchmark for national gold prices. However, every gold shop still has the freedom to play the price. This is because the price of gold in Indonesia has not yet experienced standardization. Therefore, choose a store that has a good reputation and can be trusted.

3. Note the Condition of Gold Jewelry

You also have to pay attention to the condition of the gold jewelry that you will buy. Make sure there are no defects, such as scratches, or scratches. In a bracelet or necklace, you should choose an S-shaped key, because the key is more durable than the pressed key.

Also check whether the gold jewelry still leaves green stains or not. Green stains come from chemicals that have not been washed clean. In certain people, this stain can cause allergies.

This gold condition must be examined carefully because it will affect the selling price of gold. If you have relatives who are experts in valuing gold, you should invite them to give advice. 
In addition to the conditions, you also have to pay attention to the model of gold jewelry that you will buy. It’s good to buy a gold model whose trend will not change in the next few years. This will make it easier for you when you want to sell gold.