This drug is recommended for men who have erectile dysfunction. But do you already know some factors men experience this? Here are some possible causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

1. Suffer from certain diseases

Difficulty of men to erect is usually often triggered due to certain diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease to diabetes.

Some other conditions that are also known to cause erectile disorders are kidney failure, cirrhosis, excess iron in the blood or hemochromatosis, and lung disease. This lung disease is usually you who become active smokers.

In addition, diseases that viagra madrid attack the nervous system are also able to affect erections, such as epilepsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

2. Mental health

Another important factor besides the health condition of the body is mental health. The brain plays an important role in triggering an erection.

You need to know that an erection will occur if there is sexual arousal during stimulation. But some people experience erectile difficulties due to disturbed psychological conditions such as experiencing stress, anxiety to depression.

Sometimes there are also couples who have problems with relationships and make them uncomfortable in having sex.

Age and stress level can be the determining factors for someone experiencing erectile disorders. Even so, there are also psychological factors.

3. Consumption of drugs

For those of you who suffer from certain diseases, taking medicine would be one way to overcome it. But drugs often cause side effects, one of which is erectile dysfunction.

Some types of drugs that might be able to trigger the disorder include antidepressant drugs, antipsychotics, lowering high blood pressure, prostate cancer treatment, cholesterol lowering, or the use of illegal drugs such as cocaine or cannabis.

4. Experience injury

Having an injury for some men is sometimes often underestimated. Yet when you experience an injury in the penis, nerves, or blood vessels in the back, it needs to be aware of. This can cause erectile dysfunction.

In addition, you who have a hobby of cycling in a long time also need to be careful, these sports can trigger erectile dysfunction.

Injury to the pelvis that affects male sexual organs can also cause erectile dysfunction.

5. Due to surgery

You who have surgery on the brain and spine also need to be careful. This can trigger erection problems in men.

Some examples such as surgery performed on the pelvis or in the spine because surgical procedures in both areas risk damaging nerves and blood vessels around the penis.