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Is buddy one of them? Passionately want to have a Website, but it turns out that after the Website so, there is even confusion: How to keep the Website updated with the standard content of Google Search Engine & Human Friendly !!!

Are you having trouble creating content for your website?

You want to update jasa backlink terbaik content, but are confused how to create quality content in accordance with Google’s SEO standards and liked by humans?

Quality content, not only liked by Google Robots, but also liked by Humans as a real information seeker, so your website will be considered to be a quality website.

So, there is no other way, you MUST know How to Create Good and Quality Content according to the wishes of Google Robots & Humans.

We present 1 jasa backlink Full-day Special Face-to-Face Class, or Unlimited Online Class, to discuss in detail and in full:

“How to Create Quality Content with 7 Stages to a minimum of 1,000 Words”.

We present 7 Structured and Complete Guides for You to Practice…!

Bimbel Jago Konten is a learning class to create content / articles that are of google search engine standards and user friendly.

Why Should Master the Technique of Creating Quality Content?

Content is a representative of us physically, so a unique and unique writing style, will bring visitors towards purchase.

Content is the main thing in Google’s judgment and is able to hypnotize readers if they find the meaning they are looking for.

Quality content contains a straightforward, clear and directed meaning will be a promoter of visitors to transact with you.

Google Search Engine prioritizes websites that are content dense & quality, according to Google SEO standards that have been set.

Here are 7 Main Materials (7 Ebooks) that you will get by Taking Quality Content Tutoring Classes with Us, namely:

  • 1. Prologue how important it is to know and create quality content according to Google Search Engine rules.
  • 2. Short Website Surgery Practices which include: Add & Edit your website plugins, plus check the standard settings of your website / blog, Improve and improve the web / blog connection to Google Analytics (GA) & Google Search Console (GSC), etc.
  • 3. Practice Image Optimization Techniques in accordance with Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards, so as not to burden the loading of “pagespeed” web pages when accessed by human users or Google Robots.
  • 4. Practice creating Content with copy-paste techniques (copas) content from various sources using 3 Simple Techniques.
  • 5. Practice creating Content by jasa backlink terpercaya utilizing Android Apps.
  • 6. Practice Content Optimization Techniques, which include: keyword distribution techniques, categories, tags &SEO images.
  • 7. Additional Practice – Simple technique of quality backlinks.

Best Investment Class Bimbel Jago Content For Your Business

  • Access Full Ebook Material in Member Area
  • Active Members Forever
  • Free Consultation for Life
  • Telegram Support Group
  • Learning Offline (Face-to-Face) 1 Full Day
  • Free Access to Ebook Online Materials in Member Area
  • Active Members Forever
  • Free Consultation for Life
  • Telegram Support Group

Eiiitts…. It’s not just the material we give you…

We set up a SPECIAL TELEGRAM GROUP for you to ask questions continuously, so that in practice, you will continue to be able to repeat and communicate interactively directly with Us.

Good content is an online and offline class (face-to-face) learning to create quality content with Google Search Engine standards and human friendly.

The learning process for online classes, you just follow the ebook guide in the member area, and for offline classes learn directly face-to-face.

Bimbel Jago Konten material is in the form of Ebook tutorials that you can download in the member area. Easy to understand & can be practiced directly

For online classes can be anywhere and anytime, and for offline classes (face-to-face) currently only at rwp headquarters, Tajur, Bogor, West Java.

Nothing, you can create content for your website as much as possible without limits, just need research and creativity.

If it’s difficult, can you consult?

Can, we provide free consultation for life online & offline. We also provide a special Telegram group for Q&A.

*For Offline Learning (Face-to-Face), currently still focused at rwp Pusat-Bogor Office.

Address: Jl. Raya Tajur, enter jl. Sukajaya 1 No.17,
Kec. East Bogor, Bogor City – West Java
(Next to Lorena Bogor Bus Pool & Kawasaki Motor Building).

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