Singapore probably has the most competitive education culture in the world.

It is friendly for parents to offer the best opportunities for their children to get capably at school. This is where tuition centres arrive in.

These learning services aid in enhancing your childs skills in the most challenging subjects such as Math. Unfortunately, for students in Singapore, Mathematics is a required subject that needs to be passed to qualify for Junior teacher and Polytechnic courses.

If you are looking Upper Thomson Science Tuition for the best math tuition middle in Singapore, this guide could be of good urge on to you.


The most important issue to regard as being later than choosing a tuition middle in Singapore is its registration taking into consideration the Ministry of Education. This ensures that the tuition centre follows an approved curriculum, the tutors are qualified, and the learning quality is safe for the students.

Another business to check is the centres experience. The more years spent in teaching means greater than before feel of education. For any business, low-quality sustain does not earn a unquestionable later that lasts for years.

Tuition move on rates are as a consequence of paramount importance. Be aware, however, that cheaper does not always plan better. Some people dont mind paying more as long as they are assured that they get bigger environment of service.


Maths tuition comes in exchange types. These are:

  • Group tuition: Group-based classroom character subsequent to approximately 4-40 students per class.
  • Private tuition: 1-1 teaching that is usually curtains in the students home or wherever it is convenient.
  • Enrichment Centres: same to bureau tuition but more focused on the learning process and experience more than standard teaching structures.

There are more than 100 math tuition centres in Singapore offering various tuition types. We have narrowed all along the list for you according to tone of teaching, experience, and student feedback.1. The Maths Cafe

The Maths Caf is a component of the PMC Education Group, formerly known as The Physics, Maths, and Chemistry Caf.

The company was founded in 2009 by Mr Dave Sim who believes in developing the students problem-solving skills first past concepts.

This tuition centre started once a few hundred students a year but has now grown to a big family of exceeding 1,000 students per scholastic year.


  • At least 80% of students acquire an A after enrolling, double the national average.
  • The tutors go through a unconditionally stringent screening process to create definite that single-handedly the best tutors are hired. similar to hired, the tutors later undergo months of training in the past they are allowed to handle classes.
  • The middle uses the latest technology to save going on as soon as the become old in providing character education to the students. unprejudiced tools considering touchscreen laptops, intellectual TVs, a digital library, and a student portal are open for a more convenient and up-to-date learning experience.
  • The Maths Caf provides caf-like services where students can drop in and psychiatry without the noise and crowd of public coffee shops.
  • The Maths Caf was voted as the Best Maths Tuition centre by Parents World magazine for the scholastic year 2020-2021.


  • Close to 10 out of 10 scored A or B in H2 Maths.
  • Close to 8 out of 10 scored A in H2 Maths.
  • Close to 10 out of 10 scored A or B in O-Levels A Maths.
  • Close to 8 out of 10 scored A1/A2 in O-Level A Maths.

1-1 Gold Class:

  • JC2 Maths S$400
  • JC1 Maths S$400
  • Secondary Maths S$250

(Call or email for regular tuition fees and new details)

@Paya Lebar (Flagship)

10 Eunos Rd 8

#01-207 SingPost Centre

Singapore 408600


187B Thomson Rd

Goldhill Centre

Singapore 307630


284, #01-201 Bishan Street 22

Singapore 570284

@Beauty World

170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #18-01

Singapore 5881792. Andrew Yap Education Centre

Image: Andrew Yap Education Centre

Andrew Yap Education middle was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Andrew and Jasmine Yap. Both are alumni of the National academe of Singapore and former Mathematics mentors at Hwa Chong Institution.

After his stint at Hwa Chong Institution, Andrew Yap went upon to head the Mathematics Department at River Valley high School. upon the supplementary hand, Jasmine Yap continued to tutor at Hwa Chong Institution and became a consultant at the Mathematics Department. She was twice awarded for Best Teaching Practice.

Andrew Yap set up the education centre in 2010, specializing in Junior teacher and auxiliary Level Math Tuition.


  • Andrew Yap and Jasmine Yap are both authors of H2 Math Ten Years Series solution wedding album published by SAP.
  • Andrew and Jasmine Yappersonally oversee the mentoring of their students in alignment following MOE syllabus.
  • At least 70% of their students acquire an Aat A-Levels Mathematics, progressive than the national average.
  • Crash courses are availableduring holiday breaks for students to build happening their skills for topics they are weaker at.

Secondary Level

  • Sec 3 IP Math S$300
  • Sec 3 further Math S$300
  • Sec 4 IP Math S$300
  • Sec 4 further Math S$300

JC Level

  • JC1 H2 Math S$380
  • JC2 H2 Math S$400

Crash Course S$100 per lesson


  • There is a non-refundable registration press on of S$30 for each regular class.
  • The fees indicated below additional and Junior Levels are for every 4 lessons.

3. The Math Lab

The Math Lab was founded in 2002 and has back expanded to fused locations in Singapore. Their set sights on is to reach an fascinating mathematics learning experience.

The teaching teams not forlorn have fabulous academic qualifications, but they are along with intelligent at the art of teaching. They are all academe former students and full-time employees of the Math Lab.

Over the years MOE teachers have been brought upon board to bend the syllabus. In addition, the teaching processes have been reviewed past a view to adopting other problem-solving techniques.


  • The Math Labs syllabus aligns exactly in the same way as the MOE syllabus.
  • All of the centres tutors are full-time teachers.
  • Classrooms are thoroughly equipped subsequent to the latest equipment such are HDTVs and tablets.
  • A full library of practice papers from summit schools is available.
  • Maths boot camps are reachable during the holidays to support the weaker students to catch up.
  • Fun, intuitive, and radical methods are used to accomplish the desired results.


  • In 2019, 5 out of 10 students achieved an A in the A Level examination
  • In 2019, 7 out of 10 had a distinction in the O Levels
  • In 2020, PSLE students excelled later than 72% of them attaining either an A or an A*
  • 8 out of 10 of all the students achieved grade expand beyond the 2019 year.

Fees are payable every 2 months and they lid a sum of 8 lessons. There is a one-time registration encroachment of $40, and new students pay $60 for materials. below are the improve rates per month. Practice classes are tailored for individual students to proceed upon practice papers.LevelPractice ClassStandard ClassPrimary 1,2,3,4$320/4 lessons$380/4 lessons Primary 5, 6$320/4 lessons $420/4 lessons Secondary 1, 2, 3$320/4 lessons $420/4 lessons Secondary 4, 5$320/4 lessons $420/4 lessons JC 1$380/4 lessons $420/4 lessons JC 2$380/4 lessons $420/4 lessons 4. Debbies Learning Cove

Image: Debbie’s Learning Cove

Debbies Learning Cove is named after its founder, Mrs Debbie Wong. She was a doling out scholar and earned her First Class Honours and Masters in Mathematics Degree from the college circles of Cambridge, UK. Her passion for teaching Mathematics led her to gate her own tuition centre in 2014.

Mrs Wong is well-loved by her students for her patience and evident desire to encourage students affix their grades. She answers questions in a pretentiousness that is easily understood by juvenile minds and she never stops until she is determined that her students have educational all concept.