Creat jasa backlink terpercaya ing internal links on a blog is like laying a foundation.

We need to devise the best way so jasa backlink terbaik that the structure of the website is not easily displaced from search engine pages.

So, how the hell do you build a good and correct internal link? Here’s the discussion.

To build a strong structure is not enough just to rely on navigation and related posts by category.

You need to do optimization between articles that are organized based on relevance level. What is Internal Link? How to create an internal link

In general, the internal understanding of links is a link that contains relevant articles from the discussion or content content.

Good and true internal links are not just ordinary friends, because the function is also to attract visitors to read the next content.

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Benefits of Building InternalLinkInternal Links1. Make Visitors Feel At Home

One of the main benefits of internal links is that it makes it easier for visitors to find information.

Especially for articles that are related to each other.

If visitors feel at home, then your website will be viewed well in the eyes of Google. In the end, your site ranks better in the eyes of both users and web crawlers.

Bounce rate is an indicator used to calculate how many pages visitors open when it comes to our website.

The bounce rate is mainly influenced by the quality of the article and ease of navigation.

Well, with the internal relevant links, visitors will be provoked to click and search deeper than the content we present. 3. Traffic Distribution Between Articles

In a website, there must be articles that do not get optimal exposure traffic.

On the other hand, there are pillar articles that get a lot of visits even though they are several years old.

You can use internal links to distribute traffic to articles that get less attention from readers, so that traffic is more evenly distributed. Tips for Building Internal Link SEO Friendly1. Use Relevant Anchor Text

In addition to SEO needs, Anchor text also has a big influence in supporting the success of internal link settings.

Because, here you can make interesting words in terms of LSI (Latent Semantics Indexing) and in terms of copywriting as part of clickbait.

One thing you need to keep in mind is, don’t use the same anchor text over and over again.

Because in addition to being easily indicated spam, the way is also less effective to attract visitors.

It is better that you use the senateurall anchor text possible to avoid being penalized for changes in search engine algorithms. 2. Prioritize Relevance

Relevance is also very important in building internal links.

You can slip dozens of internal links into an article, but the effort will not have a positive impact if the linked link is not relevant to the topic of discussion.

So that your internal link is more optimal, you should jasa backlink choose the article that wants to be used as a relevant internal link so as not to disappoint visitors. Dofollow Settings

Dofollow links are the type most preferred by search engines.

By setting the internal link into dofollow, the web crawler will index the links you create and through the web crawler.

The opposite of a dofollow link is a nofollow link. This type of link is usually used when you want to give an external link to another website. While for internal links should use dofollow links.

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4. Don’t Over-Optimize

Over optimization is not good, including in building internal links. For information, when we create an internal link, then the page authority of the page is also shared to the related link.

As a result, we should not be too excessive in linking internal links so that page authority does not go down.

The question is, how many internal links are reasonable? Unfortunately, there is no indicator that fits as a benchmark.

You can see wikipedia pages that have many internal links in each of their content.

In ranking, Wikipedia certainly can not be doubted because it has ruled some keywords eternally with high search volume.

In, we ourselves do not limit the number of internal links that need to be added. However, we rely on the needs of each article.

If an article needs to be given a lot of internal links then we will do it.

While if it is not too urgent, we usually use internal links as variations to summarize relevant discussions so as not to be too long.

Take, for example, for a guide article creating a website. The content presented is certainly not possible to only be discussed in one page, so as not to be too long and boring then each topic is separated.

Starting from how to choose a template, how to choose hosting and domain, tips on creating a logo, to how to optimize SEO.

The articles are then linked to each other so that they are easy to find. Examples of Internal Link Writinghow to create internal links on a blog

As a blogger you have often seen internal links in various articles. The following is an example of how to create internal links on a good and correct blog, according to SEO rules.

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Examples of internal link writing:

For more information, you can read the following article.

2.We have also reviewed this topic in the following discussion.

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Internal optimization of links into articles is one way to achieve the first position in Google So, if you are currently building a personal website, company profile website, or online store website. Then you should apply this method so that your site is more attractive in the eyes of visitors.

What do you think? Interested in trying it? We hope that the discussion can be useful for Qwords friends.

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