Email marketing does sound very outdated in your digital marketing strategy set aside with a social media presence. However, did you know that the success of product promotion through email is 40% better than social media?

After knowing the data, it is highly recommended for you to start paying attention to your email marketing activities again! You can start by reading the email marketing strategy article from and start applying it with the tips below! 

1. Create a Mobile Friendly Email Title

It’s important to create an email title that’s mobile friendly because the majority of people open emails via phone or tablet. In addition, mobile friendly email titles can also grab their attention and have a higher chance of being opened.

47% of email recipients will Direct Mail Marketing EDDM USPS only open an email with an interesting title. That is, without an attractive title, your product offering will not reach the consumer. In addition, more than 50% of email recipients open email through a mobile device. If the title you created is too long, it could be cut and the message or information you want to convey is not fully received by consumers. In the end, potential customers don’t buy it. 

2. Use Double Open Strategy

If you fail in your first email marketing experiment, don’t be discouraged. You can use double open strategy tactics. What is a double open strategy technique? A double open strategy is an attempt to resubs the same email, but uses a different title.

According to a study shows that double open strategy can increase the open rate by up to 30%. Thus, you can get the audience’s attention better without the need to change the overall strategy. 3. Write Your Name as Sender

In addition to the title, the sender’s name can also be a determinant of the success of your email marketing. 42% of the audience always confirms the sender’s name before deciding to open an email. This is done to avoid suspicious emails, it makes sense, right?

The importance of using your name as the sender of the offer email. Or you can also use the name of your campaign team. The audience will feel more comfortable getting emails from someone than getting emails from a machine or system. This you can make into consideration in your strategy to build better engagement through emails sent. 

4. Personalize

Providing personalization to your email marketing campaign will help you engage more with your audience. Personalization helps build closeness with your audience but also demonstrates the professionalism of your business.

Personalization can be done not only by mentioning names. The promotion you offer must also be in accordance with the target audience to be able to create a personal approach effect. This you can do by segmenting prospective consumers using an email list.

The advantages of personalizing your email marketing campaign strategy, help increase the open rate of your email marketing. According to Statista, email with personalization is 5% higher than without personalization. Another benefit is that conversion rate can go up to 6 times thanks to personalization.  

5. Make a Short and Clear Email

A good promotional strategy is one that is able to provide information clearly quickly and precisely. This also applies to email marketing. Therefore, the content in your email marketing is highly recommended to contain information that is short but still clear.

The average audience uses only 51 seconds to read a promotional email. If your email is short, most of the information can be read by your audience. Promotional emails are also usually more commonly read through mobile devices. That is, the audience will only read at a glance. If the information is not solid, the message from your promotion will not be conveyed.

One of the tips for doing so is to use bullet points. By using bullet points, the information conveyed will be shorter and easier to read quickly. 

6. Choose the Right Magic Words

Magic words are a list of words you choose to use in attracting your audience. These words have the goal to build trust through explanations given and invite prospective consumers to buy products.

There are many magic words that can be used. However, of course, it must be adjusted to the type of your business. Some of them are:

Free – This word you can use to offer products for free for a certain period or free services such as free ongkir.

Easy – An easy word is suitable for businesses that require the role of consumers in usage or installation. For example, cleaning tools or software.

Limited – Use this word to build an urgency impression for potential customers to buy immediately.

Are the words above proven to increase sales? If applied appropriately, the results are quite effective. 

7. Make Call-To-Action According to Offer

The purpose of email marketing offers is to direct the audience to the landing page that has been prepared. This can be achieved if you place the CTA appropriately and use the relevant sentences.

In adding a CTA to email marketing, you should pay attention to what kind of CTA will fit the topic discussed. Don’t just focus on the CTAs you usually find, but also pay attention to the context of previous talks to choose the appropriate CTA. 8. Adjust to landing page

In the previous explanation, the purpose of email marketing has been explained to direct the audience to the landing page, right? However, what happens if the available landing page does not contain the information contained in the email? Your audience can lose their trust in you.

To overcome this, make sure the information, design and offers in the email match the landing page of the destination. In addition, make sure that the landing page makes it easier for prospective consumers to make direct transactions. 

8. Create an Attractive Design

The information available in email marketing is the main thing, but the role of design is also no less important here. Therefore, create an email marketing design that supports the promotional activities that you do. The role of design is very important to help succeed your promotional efforts. A unique and creative design will make your marketing strategy stand out. In addition, design can also be used as a means to build your business brand image. It can be through color, typography or illustration styles used.

Then, do not forget to make sure that the design you make is able to perform well when accessed through a computer or mobile. 

9. Choose the right Delivery Time

One of the tips that have an important role in the success of your email marketing campaign is timing. That is, you have to pay attention to the time you choose in sending your marketing emails.

If you’re sending a promotional email about the implementation of an event such as a webinar or product exhibition, it’s best to do it five days before the event. This is to anticipate an audience that does not immediately open it. Meanwhile, according to one study, the best day to blast a general promotional email is Tuesday. If you have to do it twice a week, Thursday is the next option.

Well, in order for your email to have a high open rate possibility, you should send an email at 10:00. This is the time when many people are actively active, especially in the office

10. Use split testing techniques

In implementing an email marketing strategy, you won’t really know which promotions work, unless you test them. That’s why split testing is needed. Split testing is an attempt to test various strategies to get the best results.

In split testing, you can prepare various title designs, content, CTAs to email designs. But that doesn’t mean you do it at one time. You can make a plan to test each part until you get the best formula. Every business needs an email marketing strategy that has been formulated to suit each business.