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Tips for Choosing the Right Type & Size of PVC Pipe As Needed

Compared to other types of pipes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a favorite because the selling price is more affordable than other materials such as aluminum and zinc. 

Another advantage is the resistance of the material from acid to alkali which Jual flange pipa can erode the pipe coating in the long term, is non-conducting, anti-rust, and has a lighter weight. 

An easy installation process without the need to be assembled first can also be a good consideration, especially if you plan to carry out the installation process independently without the help of a handyman. 

PVC material is one of the most widely used synthetic plastic polymers in the world with 40 million tons produced annually. 

In addition to the low selling price, the basic material in the form of synthetic plastic makes it more flexible so that it is suitable for various home uses. 

Product durability usually ranges from 1-2 years before a new replacement is required to prevent the pipe from becoming rigid and prone to cracking and leakage. 

This time you can listen to a complete guide to choosing the right type and size of PVC pipe for your various home needs. 

Before knowing the size of PVC pipe, first identify the types

Currently there are three types of PVC pipes available in the market with size standards based on the Japan Industrial Standard (JIS). 

– Type AW

The thickest type with resistance from pressure up to 10 kg/cm2 and the most ideal for high pressure lines, including water pump applications. 

– Type D

With a medium thickness, class D pipes can withstand pressures of up to 5 kg/cm2 and are suitable for a variety of plumbing needs at home. 

– Type C

The latter is the thinnest type compared to the previous two pipes, therefore it is preferred to be a protective layer for electrical cables. 

Various kinds of waterways for residential 

Each water flow system at home has a special function which is usually divided into three types, as follows: 

– Clean water lines 

Useful for draining water that will be used for sanitation purposes at home such as dishwashing faucet pipes and showers in the bathroom. 

The most ideal pipe types are and inch AW.  

 – Sewerage 

The used water is then drained through a drain, such as from the bathroom or laundry. 

You can install 2 or 3 inch pipe from the AW or D models. 

– Sewer 

Pipes with a size of 4 inches from class D or AW are choices that are often used as drains from the toilet. 


In buying a vehicle there are several things that need to be done such as coming to the dealer and so on. Actually buying a new car is quite easy, but it can look like a hassle because you’ve never done it before. Sometimes when you first buy a vehicle, you will feel confused about the process and procedures.

Well, here are the steps to buying a new car that can be done easily. So that when you decide to buy it is not confused.

1. Choose the required car

The first step calgary car dealerships is to choose a favorite vehicle. So before deciding to go to a dealer or showroom, you should determine what really suits your needs and the funds that have been prepared. There are so many choices in cars that you inevitably have to choose, such as the type and color. In this case choose 2 or 3 Cars as a reference and just in case someone doesn’t like it.

2. Come to the dealer or showroom

After determining the right car, the next step is to go to the dealer or showroom. Ask the sales person about the car that you have chosen and is suitable for you. Also ask if there are ongoing promotions or discounts.

3. Test Drive

After talking to the sales side and it turns out that the stock is still there, usually the sales person will offer to do a test drive. Now is the time to test the performance of your target vehicle. In addition, try all the features contained in the car. Besides that, drive well and prioritize safety during a test drive.

4. Provide a booking fee

When you have determined which one to choose when buying a new car and it feels right, the next step is the booking fee which is a sign of a purchase. The amount depends on the type of vehicle and also the agreement between the sales and the customer. Payment can be via bank transfer or cash.

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5. Complete the SPK

If all matters have been completed with the booking fee issue, proceed with filling in personal data on the vehicle order letter or SPK. Fill in the actual data because later the STNK and BPKB will follow the personal data in the SPK. In addition, it also contains information on the vehicle purchased as well as evidence that a sale and purchase transaction has occurred between sales and customers.

6. Down Payment or Down Payment

Maybe many people already know this term, even in the leaflets scattered on the street there are writings to buy a car with a down payment of how many rupiah, for example. After filling in the SPK data, it is followed by a down payment which is usually in the range of 25 to 30 percent of the total price of the car.

At this stage the sales will ask about the purchase made whether on credit or cash. If you want cash, you can pay directly at the dealer cashier or showroom. In addition, you can also make a bank transfer for payment.

Sting is different from payments made on credit. The sales party will give you 2 options, namely to go through a bank or a leasing party. Not only that, there are several documents that need to be provided as a condition for applying for credit.

7. Waiting for the vehicle to arrive home

If the purchase is made in cash, then within 2 to 3 days the car will be delivered to your home. However, it is different from the credit system payment which takes longer because there are several things that must be taken care of regarding the documents between the dealer and the lender.

8. Checking

For the next step in buying a new car is to check on the newly arrived vehicle. Check from the exterior, interior and all parts of the vehicle. After that, try to drive the car, if you feel there is something wrong with the machine, immediately contact the dealer where you bought it so that it can be handled immediately.

Tips for Choosing an Advocate/Lawyer/Lawyer

In this article, we will discuss a little about Tips for Choosing an Advocate/Lawyer/Lawyer. Prospective clients must carefully select or sort out the advocates who will become their legal counsel.

The process of selecting an advocate/lawyer according to their legal needs is almost the same as the process of selecting a doctor, accountant, notary, architect, or other professional workers.

In a sense, the selection of an advocate/lawyer must take into account his expertise in the particular legal field under his control.

Of course, by ensuring professionalism in their work, an advocate must be able to provide the best service for clients, so that clients can assess and believe in Pendirian PT Jakarta the quality of the work of the advocate. Clients need to be careful and thorough in choosing and determining advocates to handle their legal affairs.

In order not to be mistaken in choosing the required advocate, it is necessary to take the following tips:

  1. Make sure that the advocate/lawyer has a valid license to practice, not a “fake” or “prokol” lawyer.
  2. Make sure that the advocate/lawyer has good qualifications in the field of law.
  3. Ensure that the advocate/lawyer does not have a conflict of interest in the case being handled.
  4. Ensure that the advocate/lawyer has a good track record in his profession, including ethics, morals and honesty.
  5. Ensure that the advocate/lawyer has never been involved in legal malpractice.
  6. Make sure that the advocate/lawyer is the type who is highly dedicated to his profession and really works for the benefit of his client, not an advocate/lawyer who is only good at talking and asking for money but is not capable of defending the interests of his clients.
  7. If you are in doubt about the credibility of an advocate/lawyer, ask for a photocopy of the lawyer’s practice license issued by PERADI. Or, ask for information about the advocate/lawyer directly from the associations of lawyers/lawyers officially recognized by law, namely the Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI), the Indonesian Advocates Congress (KAI), and the Capital Market Legal Consultant Association (HKHPM).

Among the tips above, the most common is to ask a trusted friend for references to ask about the relationship between lawyers/lawyers and their competency considerations. This method is relatively safe and easy to control, because advocates will maintain the good name of colleagues who refer them.

Karakteristik Domba Dorper

Karakteristik Domba Dorper

Domba Dorper adalah ras hibrida yang berasal dari Afrika Selatan sebagai hasil dari campuran antara Domba Persia Berkepala Hitam dan Domba Dorset (Dorset Horn). Jenis domba tanpa tanduk ini adalah salah satu yang paling produktif, dengan tubuh panjang, bulat, dan dalam dengan campuran bulu tipis dan pendek serta bulu wol. Domba Dorper diklasifikasikan menjadi dua subspesies yang berbeda, Dorper Berkepala Hitam dan Dorper Putih. Dua variasi dari jenis ini secara genetik identik; warna bervariasi hanya dipilih untuk preferensi.

Domba Dorper adalah domba pedaging unggul yang dikembangkan melalui persilangan antara Dorset dan domba Persia berkepala hitam oleh Departemen Pertanian Afrika Selatan. Istilah “Dorper” berasal dari suku kata awal dari domba Dorset (Dor-) dan domba Persia (Per-). Karena keunggulan domba Dorper sebagai domba daging, ini adalah jenis domba terpopuler kedua yang dipelihara oleh peternak Afrika Selatan. Domba Dorper tumbuh subur di gurun Afrika Selatan dan iklim tropis. Dengan demikian, domba Dorper cocok untuk dikembangbiakkan di Indonesia yang memiliki lingkungan tropis yang mirip dengan negara asal domba Dorper, Afrika Selatan.

Domba Dorper terkenal karena keserbagunaannya, ketahanan fisiknya, tingkat reproduksi dan perkembangannya yang cepat, dan kapasitasnya untuk berkembang biak. Pada umur 3-4 bulan, domba ini dapat mencapai bobot hidup kurang lebih 36 kg, sedangkan jantan dewasa dapat mencapai bobot hidup 110 hingga 130 kg dan domba betina dapat mencapai bobot hidup 80 hingga 110 kg. Tubuh domba ini dalam, lebar, panjang, dan padat. Sifat-sifat teknis ini sangat penting dalam pemuliaan domba, terutama secara ekonomi.

Karena manfaat tersebut, domba Dorper semakin populer di kalangan peternak Indonesia. Seekor domba Dorper Afrika jantan harganya berkisar antara Rp. 25-27 juta per ekor. Setelah disilangkan dengan domba asli, bobot keturunannya sedikit menurun hingga kira-kira 80-90 kg per ekor. Domba jenis Dorper ini dijual dengan harga sekitar Rp. 7 juta per kepala.

Bisnis yang menarik investor besar biasanya menggemukkan, dengan waktu pemeliharaan sekitar tiga sampai empat bulan. Model Bisnis Seperti ini Menguntungkan karena perputaran uang yang cepat. Sedangkan sebagian dari kegiatan hulu khususnya pembibitan dilakukan secara eksklusif oleh peternak kecil dengan kepemilikan domba atau kambing yang relatif terbatas.

Saat ini sudah banyak farm yang jual domba dorper fullblood, salah satunya adalah gibas barokah farm yang merupakan penjual domba dorper fullblood terbaik saat ini. Perlu Anda ketahui bahwa domba yang satu ini berasal dari gibas barokah farm merupakan domba dorper dengan kualitas terbaik.

Review Film Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022)

Creating a live-action Sonic, the legendary blue hedgehog figure of the 90s generation is not easy. No wonder when Hollywood planned to develop Sonic the Hedgehog since 1993, the realization only happened in 2020. Of course, after changing hands several times, it was finally held by Paramount Pictures.

Had been blasphemed because of the odd character design, didn’t make them give up. In 2020, the story of Sonic was lifted. It allows new generations to enjoy this film of all ages, without knowing the game. 

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) can be said to be one of the successful live-action films, especially since it was present during the pandemic. The film ends with an after credit . The figure of Tails, the tech-savvy yellow fox appears. Of course, this makes Sonic fans excited and looking forward to the epic adventure of the two.

No need to linger anymore, this time KINCIR wants to give a review of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Worth or not? Sonic the Hedgehog 2 trailer Decide for yourself, but for Sonic fans, I think this film is a must watch. Why?

Sonic’s life (Ben Schwartz) seems so ordinary that many feel that he is a lousy hero. Indeed, he has saved the world by placing Doctor Eggman (Jim Carrey) onto the mushroom planet. However, reckless actions often destabilize the city, feeling disproportionate to what he is doing.

When Sonic was enjoying his prime, Robotnik teamed up with Knuckles (Idris Elba) who was looking for The Master Emerald. For those of you who follow the game, of course you understand that the Knuckles clan really has to protect this Emerald. You see, they have to prevent the recurrence of the great tragedy that destroyed their clan. 

For additional information, Sega once made Knuckle’s Emerald Hunt , which was centered on the character Knuckles. From there the players of this game are introduced to Knuckles the Echidna.

Continue, yes! Incidentally Robotnik is also looking for the Emerald to strengthen himself. He manages to trick Knuckles—who is notoriously stupid—to finish off Sonic. He reasons that he wants revenge, and convinces Knuckles that Sonic has the map to the Emerald.

Knuckles looks badass in Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Knuckles looks badass in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

The presence of Robotnik and Knuckles in the middle of Sonic who was relaxing because Thomas Wachowski (James Marsden) left for Hawaii made him uneasy. The appearance of Tails (Colleen O’Shaughnessey), who has been helping Sonic all this time, is also very interesting. He came crashing into Knuckles and gave Sonic a hand. “C’mon, I am at your side,” he said.

Tails not only appears as a sweetener, but this character has succeeded in answering our expectations of his figure. The moment when he flew for the first time to save Sonic was an interesting scene. Instantly you will be transported to the game scene when Sonic and Tails fight Robotnik.

More than that, if you play the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992), you will be a lot nostalgic. Aquatic Ruin, to the big robot Doctor Eggman at the end of the story really describe this game. Interesting!

Friendship is the key to story development

Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles as a team
Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles as a team

Whereas in the first film, the focus was only on Sonic and Robotnik, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 focused on the formation of the Sonic team as a whole. The reckless Sonic has to face off against the cautious and timid Tails. The two of them had to convince the powerful, yet somewhat stupid, Knuckles. 

Contrasting personalities certainly trigger simple problems that actually invite laughter. Sonic, who is used to being alone, finally has a solid team with all its shortcomings. However, even though he is the main character, the portion of Tails and Knuckles is not unequal.

Sonic’s life with Tom and his wife is also widely discussed here. If in the previous review of the film Sonic the Hedgehog , KINCIR had doubts about the relationship between Sonic and Tom, Jeff Fowler answered it.