Not only that, a motivator is also needed by everyone who feels bored with his life that feels ordinary. 

No wonder that many people have a great desire to find a way to become a famous motivator. For example, Ary Ginanjar Agustian Agustian is known as the creator of the ESQ concept. 

When you are determined to follow in their footsteps, you need to know how to become the right famous motivator. There are several tips that you can apply to achieve this goal, namely:

  1. Self-confident

The first capital you need to have in order to become a famous and successful motivator motivator di jogja with high pay is confidence. Moreover, when you become a motivator, you have to stand on stage in front of hundreds and even thousands of people. Without enough confidence, you will feel awkward and difficult to get the words out. 

  1. Keep learning

A motivator will encourage the audience to learn to improve themselves. Therefore, at the same time you also need to apply the same thing to yourself. Make sure you always make time to learn new things, especially when it comes to motivating others. 

The learning process to become a famous motivator will continue without stopping. For example, you need to have lots of inspirational stories to encourage other people. If the stock of stories you have is very small, you can be sure your name will be difficult to be widely known. 

  1. Develop Public Speaking Ability

Public speaking is a crucial skill in how to become a famous motivator with high pay. Public speaking makes the words you say more effective and hits the hearts and minds of the audience . In addition, a good public speaker is also able to keep the audience ‘s attention focused and not distracted by other things. 

  1. More Listening

A motivator does need to issue motivational words to encourage someone. However, this does not mean to encourage you to talk a lot. Instead, you need to train yourself to be able to hear all kinds of complaints from other people. 

A good listener does not only need to listen to the words of the other person. You also need to accept any information they release and understand it. That way, you will be able to understand the position the person is in and try to motivate them according to the circumstances. This is one way you can show empathy. 

  1. Creative

A well-known motivator also has a creative mind. High creativity is really needed by motivators. With a creative mind, you will find ways to motivate that are unique and different from other motivators. This unique method can then become your own characteristic. 

  1. Consistent

If you really want to be a motivator, be sure to try to be consistent in making that dream come true. You can do this to be consistent by trying to offer yourself as a speaker for a particular community. 

In order for the offer to be accepted, you can offer the ability to speak without asking for a fee. You can start this offer in a small community like an orphanage. By doing this, you can at the same time hone your skills to be able to motivate many people directly. 

  1. Self Motivate

The thing that is no less important and you need to do is try to motivate yourself. You can’t motivate others if you can’t motivate yourself. This is the easiest motivating practice you can do. 

Those are 7 tips that you can apply in how to become a famous motivator. Not to forget, you also need to learn from leading motivator figures directly. It’s easy, you just have to participate in the best motivational training as organized by ESQ LC. There, you have the opportunity to meet face to face with Ary Ginanjar.