Being a motivator is not an easy thing, because a motivator must be able to convince and change the mindset of the other person. Usually, this motivator will correct the wrong mindset about something from the other person. Therefore, motivator di jogja in order to convince and change a person’s mindset, a motivator must prove that he is successful in the way he uses. Here are some requirements that a motivator must have :

  • Build motivation

Sometimes a person finds it difficult to do something because he does not have a strong motivation in him. It is the job of a motivator to be able to motivate the participants who hear it.

  • Controlling emotions

Everyone must have a different character. It is easy to change their mindset, but there are also those who hold on to their position even if it is wrong. A good motivator must be able to control his emotions. Don’t be easily provoked by the emotion of finding an interlocutor who finds it difficult to accept our opinions.

  • Be a good listener and provide solutions

Be a loyal listener, then we will know what our opponent’s goal is and what he is facing. Offer him a solution and change his approach to the problem if necessary.

  • Be confident

A motivator must have great self -confidence. This self -confidence can arise if the motivator has successfully applied his mindset in his life and made him a successful person. If a motivator alone continues to fail, has the wrong mindset and lacks confidence, then how can he motivate others?