In buying a vehicle there are several things that need to be done such as coming to the dealer and so on. Actually buying a new car is quite easy, but it can look like a hassle because you’ve never done it before. Sometimes when you first buy a vehicle, you will feel confused about the process and procedures.

Well, here are the steps to buying a new car that can be done easily. So that when you decide to buy it is not confused.

1. Choose the required car

The first step calgary car dealerships is to choose a favorite vehicle. So before deciding to go to a dealer or showroom, you should determine what really suits your needs and the funds that have been prepared. There are so many choices in cars that you inevitably have to choose, such as the type and color. In this case choose 2 or 3 Cars as a reference and just in case someone doesn’t like it.

2. Come to the dealer or showroom

After determining the right car, the next step is to go to the dealer or showroom. Ask the sales person about the car that you have chosen and is suitable for you. Also ask if there are ongoing promotions or discounts.

3. Test Drive

After talking to the sales side and it turns out that the stock is still there, usually the sales person will offer to do a test drive. Now is the time to test the performance of your target vehicle. In addition, try all the features contained in the car. Besides that, drive well and prioritize safety during a test drive.

4. Provide a booking fee

When you have determined which one to choose when buying a new car and it feels right, the next step is the booking fee which is a sign of a purchase. The amount depends on the type of vehicle and also the agreement between the sales and the customer. Payment can be via bank transfer or cash.

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5. Complete the SPK

If all matters have been completed with the booking fee issue, proceed with filling in personal data on the vehicle order letter or SPK. Fill in the actual data because later the STNK and BPKB will follow the personal data in the SPK. In addition, it also contains information on the vehicle purchased as well as evidence that a sale and purchase transaction has occurred between sales and customers.

6. Down Payment or Down Payment

Maybe many people already know this term, even in the leaflets scattered on the street there are writings to buy a car with a down payment of how many rupiah, for example. After filling in the SPK data, it is followed by a down payment which is usually in the range of 25 to 30 percent of the total price of the car.

At this stage the sales will ask about the purchase made whether on credit or cash. If you want cash, you can pay directly at the dealer cashier or showroom. In addition, you can also make a bank transfer for payment.

Sting is different from payments made on credit. The sales party will give you 2 options, namely to go through a bank or a leasing party. Not only that, there are several documents that need to be provided as a condition for applying for credit.

7. Waiting for the vehicle to arrive home

If the purchase is made in cash, then within 2 to 3 days the car will be delivered to your home. However, it is different from the credit system payment which takes longer because there are several things that must be taken care of regarding the documents between the dealer and the lender.

8. Checking

For the next step in buying a new car is to check on the newly arrived vehicle. Check from the exterior, interior and all parts of the vehicle. After that, try to drive the car, if you feel there is something wrong with the machine, immediately contact the dealer where you bought it so that it can be handled immediately.