Here is a step by step procedure on how to become a Motivational Speaker; This process has been tested and proven effective over the years, and is recommended for anyone looking to pursue a career in motivational speaking.

Start Public Speaking

While most motivational speakers are experts, not all experts can become motivational speakers, especially if they don’t have strong public speaking skills. Individuals can speak in public by attending formal lessons on the matter.

Common courses Motivasi di Jogja offered by other colleges or schools can provide information on persuasive speech, recording body language, using technology, and asking the public questions.

There are also organizations and clubs that focus on helping people become better speakers. Some of these organizations are meant to help people improve their speaking skills in the workplace, but many of those lessons apply to people who want to become professional inspirational speakers.

In many of these organizations, people learn how to speak better by practicing consistently and receiving constructive criticism from other members while learning how to become motivational speakers, especially for young people.

Read, view and listen to other motivational speakers

Familiarize yourself with the work of other motivational speakers and see if some resonate with you more than others.

Consider the content of their speech and how they make it while exposing yourself to different motivational speakers.

• Try watching TED Talks or YouTube videos of motivational speeches.
• Read books, articles and blogs written by motivational speakers.
• View motivational podcasts.

Write down all your ideas as material

In following the process on how to become a motivational speaker, try to describe the message you want to convey through your involvement in speaking. What topic would you like to focus on? Career? Proportion? Spirituality?

What is your focus in this area? Entrepreneurship? Wedding? Become a parent? Christianity? Buddhist?

Write down as many ideas as you can imagine and keep adding them to your notes over time.

Take a communication course

While a degree in communication is not required for seminar speakers, public speaking skills are required. Many colleges and universities offer courses on public speaking in their communications programs.

These programs may include other related courses such as mass media, journalism, and non-verbal communication. Several schools offer these courses and programs online.

Build experience

Inspirational speakers need practical experience to develop their style and presentation. Professionals with no public speaking experience may consider volunteering to speak at local events or during business meetings.

Health professionals may also do volunteer work at schools, charities, or community centers.

Start working in the field

After building enough experience, people can charge money to speak at events. Some inspiring speakers host their own seminars, including advertising, renting a location, and processing fees collected.

Other inspirational speakers prefer to work at events hosted by event coordinators. People who are experts in their field may not need public speaking experience to work as inspirational speakers, but it can help professionals feel more comfortable with people.