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Noukin – Be Careful With Your Requests

Watashi, Noryoku wa Heikinchi dette Ittayone! abbreviated as Noukin, tells the adventures of Mile or her noble name is Adele von Ascham. When she was 10 years old, Adele von Ascham suffered from headaches and began to remember her previous life. It turns out that she is the reincarnation of a Japanese girl named Kurihara Misato. He died trying to save a small child.

Already begged the gods if reincarnated, the abilities possessed were mediocre. But gods seem to interpret mean differently. For a 10-year-old child, Adele has extraordinary abilities.

The reason is very clear in the anime, Misato begged the gods to be given average abilities according to the inhabitants of the new world to be addressed. Unfortunately he did not specifically mention the average according to the human race. Whereas in the new world there are also races that are thousands of times stronger than humans. Gods translated the wishes of the average Streaming Anime Misato of all kinds of races in the new world. For simplicity, let’s say the strength of bacteria = 0 added Elder Dragon = 10,000. So Mile gets equal strength (0 + 10000)/2 or half Elder dragon. It’s not only magic power but its physical ability is also above average.

The anime adaptation jumped right in when Mile was 12 years old. For some reason, she ran away from her family and used an alias that was a combination of Misato + Adele. Mile goes to a neighboring kingdom to become a hunter. At hunter school he meets new friends, namely Reina, Pauline and Mavis.

Mile had a hard time explaining the power he had because his three friends had seen the magic used. Although there were many reasons, in the end, Mile’s three new friends didn’t try to bring it up before getting to know each other better.

Not just friends, Mile also helps Reina and Pauline train their magic to become stronger. In addition he was practicing Mavis’ swordsmanship. Even though Mile is technically not capable and only swings a sword, his excessive physical strength makes up for this deficiency. Mile also has a variety of knowledge from his previous life which is useful during his errands.

Mile’s journey to an ordinary life is still long. His friends now have accepted what he is. But Mile still longs for a normal life with ordinary people.

LN Watashi, Noryoku wa Heikinchi dette Ittayone! by FUNA is the first anime from small publisher Earth Star. This season they have to compete with other publishers who are veterans of promoting LN through anime such as Dengeki Bunko and Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. Of course, this is a bet if the anime adaptation fails to boost LN sales or raise the publisher’s reputation.

The production of Noukin was entrusted to director Masahiko Ohta who has worked on YuruYuri, Gabriel Dropout, Sabagebu, Umaru-chan, Love Lab and many more. In other words, this director is perfect for directing Noukin’s story, which from the start was a fantasy comedy.

For both LN and manga readers, they may be surprised because the story immediately jumps when Mile is 12 years old. Whereas in the closing section, Adele’s trio of friends appear when they were 10 years old, before fleeing to a neighboring kingdom. The anime version also changes most of the story. So that LN readers and manga adaptations can get new experiences. Although for some things some details that are considered important are actually removed from the anime.

Anime viewers will not encounter any problems because in a number of scenes explanations will be inserted. Unfortunately, this insertion breaks the tempo of the story and makes it awkward.

Anime adaptations rely heavily on parodies from other series. Until the fourth episode, parodies of the Dragon Ball series appear more often than not, plus various mecha and tokusatsu titles. But in fact there are also many parodies that take from TV shows and advertising pieces. For example, this ad is used when Mile is confiding in nendo Marcelina.

Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha – Subduing Enemy, Friend to Fate

What happens when a powerful Maou is tired of fighting? Anos Voldigoad found the answer. He reincarnated into a time of peace. But is that really the only reason?

Humanity was helped by the spirit race and the gods fought the demon race. According to Anos, they believe that defeating the demon race will bring peace to the world. But Anos who was also trying to defend his territory and the safety of his people had a different view. This Maou also made an astonishing offer to the hero Kanon. That is to create a magic wall that separates the territories of each race. To activate this magic one had to pay the price of the samehadaku care Maou’s life. Of course Anos has also prepared himself to be reincarnated precisely to the next 2,000 years when times are peaceful. The magic wall was finally activated after Kanon stabbed her sword into Anos’ heart.

Born to the couple Gusta and Izabella, Anos who was still a baby immediately named himself. In just a month with magic power Anos had already taken the form of a teenager. He was invited to the Demon King Academy with the aim of finding the reincarnated Maou. Anos also tried to re-occupy the Maou’s throne through official channels. While investigating why his people became weak and forgot Maou’s real name.

There’s also some junk food that’s delicious to eat

Have you ever eaten junk food like fried chicken, french fries, or burgers? These foods are called junk food due to unbalanced nutrition. Usually too much salt and oil content. Even so, there are many fans of junk food because it tastes good. Of course, not all of them are delicious, especially some of the fried street food. Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha is one of the most delicious junk food to watch.

It begins with a fairly ordinary opening story. There is a very strong main character beyond reason. Accompanied by two girls (later added) who have the potential to attract the attention of anime fans. What is the picture of Anos’ power? If he sneezed uncontrollably he could destroy an area easily. For fans of characters from zero to hero, there may be allergies to this type. There is no struggle because the main character is already very strong from the start.

From the very beginning, the power fantasy story did not target readers/viewers who like to see the struggles of the characters. But for people who are curious about how strong a character can mess things up around him. It can be analogous to games with embedded cheat functions such as the Grand Theft Auto series. From the days of PS2 to PS4 there were always cheats that were already in the game. Players can take advantage of cheats to maximize the fun while playing.

The very powerful Maou was almost powerless to stop the protracted war. The only way was to erect a magic wall to separate the races. In the anime version it is not explained in detail that the magic wall only stands for 1,000 years in the hope that the hatred between the races will subside and the war will stop. This did happen 2,000 years later. Even so peaceful, interracial marriages became commonplace. Magic power decreased due to rarely being used as a tool of war.

It doesn’t always run smoothly because racism also appears in this world. One of them is a group of demon races who are trying to maintain pure bloodlines and look down on mixed races called hybrids. Indirectly, the writer of LN poked at the real world problems that racism exists up to now.

86-Eighty-Six – Even Flowers Can Grow on the Battlefield

The Republic of San Magnolia has been at war with the Giadian Empire for a long time. The empire uses robots known as Legions. While the republic chose to survive behind the fortress of Gran Mur plus a machine called the Juggernaut.

The government reported that thanks to the sophistication of the Juggernaut, there were no casualties on the republican side. The Juggernaut is claimed to operate unmanned. The main character, Vladilena Mirizé knows some of the facts that happened.

Lena, who now holds the rank of major, gets the task of being a Handler. This task is similar to the captain managing the Processcor in Juggernaut while fighting the Legion. Processor is the human name who piloted the Juggernaut.

Republicans have indeed committed a big lie. The pilots of the Juggernaut were taken from residents of district 86. Actually, this area is still inhabited by immigrants who are of different races from the original citizens of the republic. I don’t know why the Alba people are now so condescending to other races.

But not all Alba are discriminatory. Lena still believes that 86 citizens also need to be considered by the republic. For now he does not yet have the power to change state policy. But he still took small steps.

Lena tries her best to establish a relationship with her new team Spearhead as a Handler. Slowly but surely he began to close with the field commander Spearhead, Shinei Nouzen or commonly known as the Undertaker.

If described briefly, 86 is the story of the struggle of life in the middle of the battlefield. The story of the Spearhead members who struggle to see the sun tomorrow.

The story is slow. At first, the audience did not know anything, of course, it would be difficult to sympathize with the characters in 86. But little by little, the depravity of the Republic of San Magnolia and some residents who were not in line with government policies were exposed.

Juggernaut’s battle against Legion isn’t too special. The CG animation used is quite good. The design of the war unit is indeed unusual. After all, the Juggernaut was technically a piece of junk when compared to Legion.

In this series, there are not only spider-legged tank battles, but also interpersonal relationships that are built between Handler Lena and Spearhead members. Maybe not all viewers like the large number of LDR communications using Para-RAID. But this communication is actually the main Oploverz Asia attraction in series 86. If the audience fails at this stage, then the next episode will be boring.

Another thing that deserves thumbs up is the directorial debut of Toshimasa Ishii. Prior to this project, he was often assigned as an episode director. From the various decisions taken from the camera’s point of view and the selection of scenarios included in the anime media, it can be estimated that Toshimasa Ishii really understands the material of LN 86 and cares about the quality of the work. If you are very interested in photography and cinematography, there is a lot that can be learned from the 86 series. Because in terms of quality, the various camera angles in this series are equivalent to the aesthetics of films that are worthy of being shown in cinemas.

Raiden, Anju, Kurena, Theoto, Lena and Shin

The episode format in 86 is also quite unique in that not many other series do. They use two different perspectives in parts A and B. It will be easier to understand if you watch it live.

The presence of Hiroyuki Sawano who worked on various insert songs plus the ending song was also another attraction. It’s no secret, this composer is able to produce melodies that successfully arouse emotions. Moreover, in one episode it managed to make me tear up because the scene and the insert music used matched well.

Tips Memilih Hunian Yang Nyaman

Mempunyai rumah ataupun hunian sendiri merupakan impian seluruh orang. Sebab itu merupakan tempat dimana Kamu istirahat ataupun berkumpul bersama dengan keluarga serta sanak kerabat. Pastinya Kamu menginginkan hunian yang bisa membagikan rasa aman.

Berikut ini kami hendak berbagi panduan serta trik memilah hunian yang pas spesial buat Kamu:

  1. Posisi hunian ataupun tempat tinggal

Seleksi hunian yang strategis dekat dengan jalan yang dilewati kendaraan universal., serta mempunyai akses transportasi yang memudahkan kamu berpergian.

  1. Fasilitas

Mempunyai sarana penunjang kebutuhan tiap hari yang lengkap serta mencukupi. Misalnya supermarket, children playground, fitness centre, jogging track, coffee shop, serta lain sebagainya

  1. Sesuaikan keahlian financial/ budget

Membeli hunian yang cocok dengan budget ataupun mengincar promo- promo yang lagi ditawarkan.

  1. Sistem Pembayaran

Secara universal pembayaran kepimilkan hunian ataupun rumah terdapat 2 sistem ialah sistem cash ataupun tunai serta kredit( KPR). Bila kamu telah menabung dan

mempunyai lumayan duit buat itu hingga sangat baik buat membeli secara cash. Tetapi bila kamu mau lekas mendaptakan rumah dengan dana yang belum Bintang residence lumayan hingga kamu dapat memakai metode yang kedua dengan metode kredit ataupun mengangsur, serta yang kamu butuhkan mempersiapkan duit muka.

  1. Design Hunian

Cari hunian yang designnya bagus serta cocok dengan kepribadian kamu, sehingga cocok dengan yang kamu mau.

Promising Business Opportunities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, the economic sector was included in the sector that was greatly affected. There are so many businesses that suffer losses and some of them cannot survive and eventually go bankrupt. Because of this, many people were affected by income cuts and some of them experienced layoffs (PHK).

To be able to survive during this pandemic, many are finally trying to open their own businesses to earn additional income. Even though you spend more time at home, don’t worry, there are many business opportunities that you can do for business during this COVID-19 pandemic. These business opportunities can range from selling, to opening online courses.

Interested in opening a new business during this pandemic? Check out the following reviews.

Dropshipper online shop

Are you interested in selling but don’t want to stock up on goods at home? Becoming a dropshipper for an online shop might be the right choice for you. When you become a dropshipper , you only need to market the product you want to sell.

If someone buys the item you are promoting, you can directly order the item from the online shop and it will be sent directly to the buyer.

In this way, business ideas pandemic you can sell without the need to pile up goods at home. You also don’t need to provide big money to buy the stock of your merchandise.

Selling plants

Since people are encouraged to spend time at home alone, many people have become interested in farming. Various types of plants began to be sought and favored, especially ornamental plants.

If you also like and have experience in farming, maybe you can try this business opportunity. You can breed plants and sell them online .

To expand your business network, you can also sell various necessities needed for farming, such as fertilizer, watering plants, pots, plant seeds, and various other things that may be needed.

Selling basic necessities 

Basic needs are needs that are needed by everyone for their daily life. Even though they are in difficult conditions, people will still need things that are basic needs.

You can sell various basic necessities such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, as well as necessities such as soap, shampoo, and so on.

To increase your sales turnover, you can start marketing the products you sell online and provide delivery services.

Culinary business

Do you like cooking? Maybe this is a business opportunity that you can take. You can sell the food you make. Nowadays, many people spend time at home and they sometimes get bored with the food they cook themselves.

Many people end up looking for ready-to-eat food that can be purchased. If you want, you can sell the results of your cooking which you can market through social media. To attract more buyers, you can offer a delivery service.

With this service, your shoppers don’t have to leave the house and just wait for their food to arrive.

Open online course

Just staying at home will certainly be boring if you don’t do anything. Therefore, many people are interested in learning new skills and hobbies.

If you have expertise in a certain thing, you can open an online course about it. For example, knitting, sewing, cooking, painting, or maybe a foreign language course.

Selling antiseptic products 

During this pandemic, various antiseptic products have become rare and sought after items. If you want, this is an interesting business opportunity for you. You can sell various antiseptic products that are often used in daily life such as hand sanitizer, hand soap, antiseptic spray, and various other products. Adjust the goods you sell to the needs of the community.